Professional Translation Services – The Latest Translation Memory Tools

Using translation memory tools (TM), we efficiently provide professional translation services for your documents. The language barrier often hinders business growth, so choose our company to develop your interests. Our language interpreters are sourced from across the world. This allows us to provide native translations in a range of languages, so that you receive a great service.

Translation Memory – A Breakdown

A translation memory is a linguistic database that continually captures translations as work for future use. All previous translations are accumulated within the translation memory in source and target language pairs, called translation units. These are then reused so that a sentence is never translated twice. The more a translation memory builds up, the faster a translation occurs. A consistency of terminology is created which further enhances the translation process.

How it Works

All you have to do is open the source file and apply the translation memory program. All ‘100% Matches’ (identical) and ‘Fuzzy Matches’ (similar) are instantly extracted and placed within the target file. 

As you work through the source file, the “Matches” suggested by the translation memory are either accepted or overridden with new alternatives. If a translation unit is manually updated, then it is stored within the translation memory for future use, as well as for repetition in the current text. In a similar way, all segments in the target file without a “Match” would be translated manually and then automatically added to the translation memory.

SDLX and Choice Language Services

Our team chose to work with SDLX TM tools, who are the leader in Global Information Management (GIM) technology solutions. Through our partnership with SDL, we offer the benefits of services streamlined by the utilisation of advanced translation technology. This enables us to help our clients accelerate the delivery of high-quality localised content to global markets.
Furthermore, we are members of SDL’s ‘Partnering Scheme‘. Each partner has demonstrated commitment to optimise the quality and value of the service that they deliver to clients. Through the skilled utilisation of translation technology and expertise, we provide specialised language translation services.