About Choice Language Services

Choice Language Services had humble beginnings in November 1998, as a simple desk and a telephone in the corner of an office occupied by a recruitment company, in Stevenage, England.

“One thing I have found in this industry, is that it is well-known for freelance translators to get paid only when the end client pays” says Mike Taylor – Managing Director/CEO of Choice Language Services. “We therefore took a ‘policy’ decision that all our translators will be paid according to their terms. It’s worked very well, because we have linguists that are aware of our policy and can’t wait to join our team. This means that we have built up a large ‘stable’ of excellent quality linguists all over the world, in a relatively short space of time. The benefit to our client’s is that we can source the best translators to work on their projects.”

Growing Strong

Choice Language Services has grown from its small beginnings into a major force in the translation business. A few years ago, we recently moved away from our offices to work remotely. This gives the project managers and staff the flexibility to work different hours and respond to client needs. We still have a registered office in Edgware, North London, but most of the project managing is done at various locations throughout the UK and Europe. 

Building up this quality team has taken time and effort. We now have a dedicated project management team, as well as more than 8,000 linguists based worldwide. All this, coupled with investment in translation memory tools and other quality assurance technology, means that Choice Language Services are set to grow and expand. To show that we offer a great service, we are members of The Institute of Translating and Interpreting™ and the Association of Translation Companies™.